Novas amigas

I made a new friend at school and she and I hold hands as we go from room to room. #brasil2018 #firstdaynewschool

Água de coco

Drinking Vitacoco out of a Tetra Pak from Costco will never again be truly special…

Carne carne carne

Some of you are aware of my many dietary restrictions, but even more striking is the glee with which I devour everything meat. Today we visited with some NOLA friends and I ate everyone under the table.


Sweet as honey

Just a couple drops of Mel is enough to turn the whole day into dessert. #brasil2018

Sandbox friends

Mommy hasn’t hung out with Titia Tati for 20 years and yet we all clicked immediately! We are thoroughly enamored with her family and looooooved our romp on the beach. #brasil2018

Ilha Porchat

Daddy insisted we take a quick trip to the top of this striking peninsula right off the coast of São Vicente/Santos. We were all skeptical at first, but now readily admit it was pretty breathtaking.

International flare

We had breakfast at a cafe owned by Chinese immigrants and I blew them away with my Mandarin grade school songs. #worldcitizen #brasil2018