Delinquent fairy

Can you believe I lost TWO teeth in the same week? 

Apparently the tooth fairy couldn’t believe it, either, because she forgot to pick up tooth #2! 

We did some research on why this could happen but so far results are inconclusive. Luckily she did come the next night. It’s unclear what to expect with this fairy but we will keep you posted as the story develops. 


Can you tell we are doing an ocean unit at school? I am enjoying our explorations at sea! 🐬

The Great Wave

I’m dreaming of sailing across ocean waves as big as Hokusai’s… 58772015


We were not as taken with the beauty of the wildlife reserve this afternoon as Mommy, Daddy and Heartie. 

Family duties

We all chip in when there are lots of groceries to bring inside! ​

Dizzy dragons

It’s homecoming! That means that the main quad turns into a giant carnival and we get to go on age-appropriate rides. This one generated a lot of enthusiasm. To quote my littlest brother: 

“And when we spin the table we were going more faster than everyone else it was so fun”

Not nice

I had some unwelcome guests join me on my hair follicles. Luckily there are professional services to help eradicate the itchy creepy crawlers. It took them almost three hours to comb through all my hair! Mommy is hiding in her closet in a fetal position.