Field trip 

Today the whole first grade walked to Audubon Park for a morning of outdoor activities. I impressed everyone with my gusto for piloting our supply wagon. 

Parked in the park

After a picnic lunch with all my classmates, Mommy and I parked ourselves in a lovely shady spot of Audubon Park. 


Normally I have worksheets and reading for homework during the week, but tonight my babysitter Anna helped me work on dictation. It’s good spelling practice!


In school we’re learning Chinese, and today my class got to perform a song in front of the whole school. I’m on the left with two big white bows (and what look like bunny ears! Say wha…??). Enjoy!

“Zen collar”

Today Heartie underestimated the permeability of the front window and ended up with 12 stitches, a staple… and a zen collar. This is apparently the 2018 version of the cone of shame. So far it’s kept him from tearing open his wounds and it also conveniently serves as a headrest for napping. Though let’s be honest, Heartie will probably never find true zen. 😉 

Mona’s Cafe

We finally went to “my” cafe, a well-known Middle Eastern spot here in NOLA. I ate pita and kibe with wild abandon!

No Barking 

Every now and again I rebel against authority… ​