Luscious locks

Mommy has been playing hairdresser all week since I’ve started gymnastics camp. It’s unclear which one of us is more excited about my tresses. 


I had a grueling visit to the allergist because we had to test to see if I’ve made any progress toward eating dairy. Stay tuned for the lab results! 


You could say it was the blind leading the blind, but Daddy and I tried to teach the boys how to throw a frisbee… 

Spa tacular

We made some waves together in the jacuzzi! 

Until next time!

Ruby Kate and I had to part ways today. We’re already looking forward to our next cuz reunion. 😍


Mommy and Daddy are starting to wonder if they should take me to the doctor to investigate what an enthusiastic eater I am. For two days in a row they’ve had to order TWO lunches for me! 


My brothers aren’t the only twins around here, you know. Ruby Kate and I were mirror images today, from our frocks to our plaits!