Caipirinhas for sale

Brazilians don’t mess around with lemonade stands; they go for the hard stuff. My friend and I were thrilled to join in a new entrepreneurial venture selling drinks at a fundraiser. The best part? We each made a whole dollar for our efforts!


Soopr fan

1st grade rocks 🙂 

Lusher family night 

Tonight Mommy went to the first grade! She got to meet Ms. Fitzpatrick and learn all about our school day. Lucky for me she liked everything she saw and heard. 🍎


The boys got new Spirograph sets from Grammie for their birthday. We are all enjoying the dexterity challenge and I’ve been teaching the boys a few tricks. Ooh la la! ​


A festa continua!

We managed to have a Brazilian fete every day this holiday weekend. Each time in a different locale! After all that partying, we had to take a few moments to collapse on the couch and veg out to some tv. Being social butterflies is exhausting business! 

Pool party

Today marked the real end of summer, because it is Joe and Camilo’s last day in NOLA. Whenever they head back to PR for the semester, they remind us of how much we love the good life! Bon voyage!

F bomb

I caused a bit of a flurry on the playground when I let fly a word I’ve heard Mommy use before. Apparently she hasn’t been modeling good behavior. F@&$!!!!!!!