Mary Lou Retton

Fear of falling didn’t stop me! Except Daddy did. I had a blast running up and down this architectural delight before parental caution interrupted the show. Could have taken home a medal fir both execution and bravery. 


The vegan café we went to has only *plant-based foods,* so they asked this Holstein to kindly wait outside. 

Teacher’s pet

Ms. Bates and Ms. Jeanette are so proud of me! #rockedkindergarten


The same day I graduated from kindergarten Grammie had a birthday! Two excellent reasons to celebrate. 🙂 We hit up a vegan spot for some dairy-free goodies. 


It’s my last day of kindergarten! Here I come, 1st grade!

Hugs goodbye

I’ll be hanging with my friends all summer, but it never hurts to give bear hug goodbye… 

Blue selfie

There are few things more enjoyable than a snowball on a hot humid day. Except. Viewing my completely blue tongue in the aftermath of my treat. Life is full of simple pleasures.