Canine cozy

In a crisis, everyone has to band together to help one another. Which is why I’ve pledged to keep Heartie cozy and warm during this historic NOLA freeze. I fashioned him a hat, a scarf and a cover to keep him warm and I dare say he liked the new look! #prettyinpink #pitbullfashion

Sister Ramona

I’ve developed a performance piece representing the clash of traditional vs. modern cultural influences. Just kidding: it’s just a crazy partying nun. ​

Ice queen

It’s a good thing we got all that practice skating while on vacation; it will come in handy while we deal with tonight’s big freeze here in New Orleans! ​

Sunday gambling 

Today my friend had a birthday party at the laser tag center. I was a bit stupefied by all the flashing lights and pinging machines. And not just because it’s the sabbath!

#mormonlite #keepitholy #ilearneditfrommommy

Witch’s brew

I posed in the vapors of a mysterious and creepy concoction. 🧙‍♀️


We had a frigid field trip to the zoo. Most of the caged creatures were smarter than we were and stayed indoors to keep warm. But we made the best of it by clambering on the animal statues that dot the walkways. 

Black & white

I have an artistic touch with the camera.