Baila conmigo

Tío Juan and I bonded at the wedding. #muydulce


We got together to do a dry run of the wedding. I helped with logistics while we practiced and enticed everyone to chillax in the hammock after we worked out all the details. 


We had an emergency potty spot just past a gravel road in cow country, Missouri. In a surprise plot twist, this pup came charging at us from the nearest farm and… hopped right in to the van! Say wha????? 


It took some cajoling to get me to try some slides at the City Museum, but I warmed up lickity split when I realized how much fun they were…

Touching the clouds

We rode a tram all the way up the arch and watched St. Louis from the clouds. Afterwards, we admired its majestic size and elegance from below.

Rainbow ready

I am ready to explore St. Louis, thanks to my awesome new Rainbow Dash outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. Missouri here we come! 

Version 6.0

We celebrated my birthday last night with a dairyfree cheesecake that had an unfamiliar and somewhat dubious texture. Imagine the sensory overload if we had brought it on today’s road trip adventure to St. Louis!