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We celebrated my birthday last night with a dairyfree cheesecake that had an unfamiliar and somewhat dubious texture. Imagine the sensory overload if we had brought it on today’s road trip adventure to St. Louis! 

Mary Lou Retton

Fear of falling didn’t stop me! Except Daddy did. I had a blast running up and down this architectural delight before parental caution interrupted the show. Could have taken home a medal fir both execution and bravery. 


The vegan café we went to has only *plant-based foods,* so they asked this Holstein to kindly wait outside. 

Teacher’s pet

Ms. Bates and Ms. Jeanette are so proud of me! #rockedkindergarten


The same day I graduated from kindergarten Grammie had a birthday! Two excellent reasons to celebrate. 🙂 We hit up a vegan spot for some dairy-free goodies. 


It’s my last day of kindergarten! Here I come, 1st grade!

Hugs goodbye

I’ll be hanging with my friends all summer, but it never hurts to give bear hug goodbye…