Baby crazy 

Even though she’s given away all our baby gear, Mommy still gets all gooey whenever she sees an infant. She and I fight for cuddle time when there’s a babe in the vicinity. We snatched this gorgeous dude up from a family friend at a local café. He’s more delish than beignets! 

Spanish moss

The only thing more fun than these giant oak tree trunks is the stringy Spanish moss, swaying sweetly under its branches.


We had a messy linguistic smorgasboard with Tía Erika and her family. They speak Spanish and English at home, so we had three languages going at once (not to mention the high frequency tones of inter-sibling rivalry and bickering…).


After a week at gymnastics camp, I am finally over my fear of going “up-sah-by-down.” Look at me doing forward rolls with pure abandon! 


Today was my first. haircut. ever. Pretty epic. We didn’t chop off much (just split ends) but we slashed years of irrational fear and loathing with just a few snips. 

Gold medal

So far the Best Camp prize goes to gymnastics! I had a great week.🤸‍♂️

Ghost train


We are ninjas who sneak, silent like the night. Except for when we’re really loud…