Every Thursday I find my center during yoga class. 

Daylight savings

Luckily the whole family is *almost* acclimated to the time change. It wasn’t easy, though! 

We are missing the beautiful sunsets that we used to watch over dinner…

Piano lessons

Daddy has been teaching me some basics on the piano. He’s showing me how to read music and says that I show great potential. 🎼

Public address

At church today I read a short talk I prepared for the primary class. 

Music appreciation 

We were SO excited to watch my music teacher Ms. Alexis perform at a local festival. It’s my very own brush with fame! #sweetcrude #justbackfromtour

And a side of sausage 

Many of you will recall my enthusiasm for chowing down Italian meat and pasta dishes from a tender young age. 

I haven’t let up yet! 

When we dine at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, we order two sausage personal pizzas and one pasta with meat sauce. Just for me. #hungry #feedthebeast #dontbefooledbymyangelicgriniamabeast


Titia is feeling a bit better and even has some extra energy to help us build puzzles!