Mommy and I are both working on our cursive handwriting. 

I shih tzu not

We found a lost dog with no tags on our street, so Mommy suggested we bring him home. 




At the neighborhood pizzaria we made a new friend. He was angling for a seat at our table! #couldthisbelove

DIY iPad 

Mamãe doesn’t seem to limit my lego time though she does limit screen time. How, then, will she handle the fact that I’ve created an iPad out of legos? #imagination #whoneedstv ​

Café Lua

We found a tropical paradise on the other side of Lake Ponchartrain! This Brazilian café was bathed in lush plants and flowers. 🌴🥀🌱🍉🌿☕️🌸🍃💐🎋🌺🌴🌳🌿🇧🇷

Waiting room

Usually when I go to the doctor, it’s because I’m sick. But this time Monmy and I took Rachel to the doctor. Everything checked out okay! And we kept ourselves busy in the waiting room with a finger-biting game of memory. 


Titia Edie brought us supplies to keep us busy at the fiesta. There were pages of superheroes for us to color, as well as sone early drafts of a conference paper that we used to draw on. #nerdyparents